Specializing in custom range hoods, Fine Design Fabrication has been creating custom architectural metal products for the kitchen and bath industry for over a decade. Our range hoods are designed, engineered and fabricated by skilled artisans. We take great pride in our unique fabrication techniques. These techniques provide a proven superior product. 

Unlike our competitors, each Range Hoods is fully welded seamless. This means all of our hoods have clean crisp lines with no ugly gaps or seams. 


Our design process enables you to make any idea or sketch come to life. The evolution of technology has allowed us to design a custom one of a kind range hood and put it into production in as little as a week.   

We offer standard models with a variety of unique styles, finishes and materials such as zinc, copper, brass, stainless steel and iron. Each range hood comes standard with stainless steel dishwasher safe baffles, quiet and efficient 600-1200 cfm internal blowers and your choice of LED or halogen lighting.


We fabricate our Range Hoods from premium quality 16 gauge sheet metal. This is much thicker than the thin, flimsy 22 gauge material that most of our competitors use. Our zinc material 99% pure (1% Titanium & Copper improves malleability and tensile strength) and can be finished in a variety of different colors and textures.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY GALVANIZED SHEET. 99% pure Zinc is a material that we use is antimicrobial, meaning bacteria cannot grow on it. This is perfect for a kitchen application where cleanliness is a must. Our copper and brass products have the same antimicrobial properties. Last but not least our stainless steel range hoods come in standard 304 appliance grade alloy or 316L which is a marine grade alloy, perfect for any outdoor application


Our Range Hoods come with many different accessory options. We offer custom straps, rivets, moldings and more! Our accessories are made from the same materials as our range hoods. This means you can mix and match to build the hood of your dreams. 




Fine Design Fabrication specializes in custom range hood fabrication. We understand that some remodels have tight budgets. Our engineers and in-house designers wanted to come up with a solution for our customers who have tight budgets. After years of prototyping and product development, we are happy to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution. 



Our E-SERIES Range Hoods are fabricated using the same quality materials, components, and superior craftsmanship as our custom Range Hoods. How can we get the pricing so low you might ask? The ability to stock standard, pre-fabricated parts, with preselected finishes and accessories, along with having all the sheet metal cut files pre-designed & programmed, ready to put straight into production is our secret.



 If you are interested in any of our E-SERIES range hood models, please visit our ONLINE STORE for more information


Our Range Hoods come complete, with full internals.



Our internal blowers come in 600 or1200 cfm. They are quiet, powerful and efficient. Each blower comes standard with speed ramp technology. This means each blower has a specialized sensor that can detect airflow restrictions and automatically increase the speed. We use variable speed switches to control our blowers so you can fine tune the amount of suction for your specific cooking application. 



Our Range Hoods come standard with a one of a kind lighting system that is stylish, and efficient. The main cooking lights are not only dimmable, but also interchangeable. Meaning you can easily replace your halogen lights with LEDs at any time. It's as simple as changing out the bulb.


We also offer our First In The Industry LED Back Lighting!  This LED back lighting can be used as a beautiful accent light, or it can be used separately from the main lighting. Great for night time mood lighting or additional lighting while you cook. Please let us know if this is something you would like to add to your order. 



Our baffles scream luxury. They are made from 304 alloy stainless steel. Optimized construction and design provides non restrictive high flow airways with the ability to catch grease and keep ducting/airways clean. The baffles can also be easily removed for cleaning. The best part is they are DISHWASHER SAFE to make clean up quick and simple.